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Lectionary Readings

For those who are interested in discovering both the joy and the blessing of reading the Bible on a regular schedule, (either in the morning or evening hours) Lectionary readings are designed to help us in our quest.    Each week a selection is taken from four sources of the Bible.  Those sources include (1) the writings of ‘Moses,’ and/or the Prophets; (2) the psalms; (3)  the Gospels; and (4)  the Letters of the Apostle Paul.   The readings represent a theme that helps us understand what God is saying to those who have ‘ears to hear and eyes to see.’   Allow me to encourage all of us to take advantage of this opportunity to get re-acquainted with God’s Holy Book. Reverend Tom Tout

Week of June 4th


Genesis 1:1-2:2:4

Psalm 8

11 Corinthians 13:11-13

Mathew 28:16-20